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Do you like your CatGenie, but not the returning cost of ownership for the cartridges? Want to break free your box, making it run without a cartridge, or with a cartridge you have refilled? Then CartridgeGenius is just what you are looking for: CartridgeGenius is a cartridge emulator that puts you back in control over your litter box by making it think it has a full cartridge. With this device you will truly own your litter box, without updating its firmware. Just hook up this device, that's all. The Genie is finally out of the bottle!

How it works
CartridgeGenius is a drop-in replacement for the cartridge tag reader in your litter box. It simulates the presence of the both the original tag reader and the tag on the cartridge. This simulated cartridge is called a virtual cartridge. This enables you to repair your litter box in case the original tag reader broke down, or to remain using your box in case the supplier goes out of business, as was the case with the LitterFree box. In other words:
CartridgeGenius puts you back in control over your appliance.

Below is a movie demonstrating CartridgeGenius:

CartridgeGenius does a little more than just simulating a cartridge. It extends your possibilities and allows you to use wash your box as often as you want, without paying the penalty. Below is a list of it's features:
  • Simulates the presence and absence of a cartridge. With one press of a button, the virtual cartridge can be inserted or removed from the litter box.
  • Simulated user adjustable virtual cartridge level. With another button the level of the virtual cartridge can be changed.
  • Simulates different cartridge types. Whether you want 120 cycle cartridge, a 60 cycle cartridge or even a maintenance cartridge, you can select it at the touch of a button.
  • Auto-mode does it all, automatically. When enabled, you'll never need to think about the virtual cartridge again: As soon as the virtual cartridge level hits 0, the virtual cartridge is removed, reset to 100% and re-inserted automatically. This is very useful for people who prefer to use a large external reservoir instead of cartridges.

An you don't need to be a genius to install CartridgeGenius either. Anybody who knows at which end to hold a screwdriver and is not afraid to use it can install CartridgeGenius on their box. Just watch this instruction video:

Installing this component involves opening the processing unit of your litter box. It directly connects to the internal low-voltage electronic circuits of your box. In a very far-fetched short circuit situation it is theoretically possible that the exposed conductors on the CartridgeGenius will carry live mains voltage. Since I have no influence on how well or careful CartridgeGenius is installed, I will take no responsibility whatsoever for any resulting damage of installing CartridgeGenius. In other words: Installing CartridgeGenius and any resulting damage by installing or using it is completely at your own risk. By buying this component you agree to that.

Some alternative detergents are harmful to the internal silicone tubing of your box. You can either refill your cartridges with plain tap water, as I do, to keep the tubing and pump in good shape. Or you can test an alternative solution with some silicone tubing available in an RC model car shop, where they will call it fuel line. Make sure you get silicone fuel line as used for methanol containing fuels, not the one used for actual petrol. Cut off a piece, put it in the bottle of detergent for a couple of days and if it still feels intact afterwards, the detergent should be safe for your box. But here too, selecting and using an alternative detergent is at your own risk.

CartridgeGenius works on Model 120 and Model 120+ CatGenie litter boxes. It is also compatible with VIC Club (Very Important Cats Club) boxes, but only after you have fulfilled your VIC 1080 or VIC 840 supply contract. CartridgeGenius is not compatible with the older Model 60.

That's simple: This hand assembled device comes with a one year warranty. This is reduced from the warranty for the first generation units. If it's defective, unable to do what it's supposed to do, and it's not caused by mis-handling, We will repair it or replace it for free. However, you do have to pay for shipment back and forth. Having said that, CartridgeGenius will most likely outlive the mechanics of your box by far.

I have to make one exception for warranty: We cannot guarantee this CartridgeGenius to work with future litter boxes, due to possible counter measures. Therefore CartridgeGenius not working on a newly replaced litter box is not covered.

If you have just purchased CartridgeGenius and it doesn't work with your current box, we will help you getting it to work. If we can't, we will offer you to send it back for a refund for the purchasing price (not including shipment).

Generic tips
Download the manual first. It will give you a good impression of what you're buying and how to use it.

If you own a compatible litter box and you're considering to buy a CartridgeGenius, then please do so now because the device may no longer be available in the future. The devices have in stock are the only devices left and I don't think I will build another batch.

Do not buy a CartridgeGenius if you consider to buy a litter box in the future. CartridgeGenius works with litter boxes currently on the market, but nobody knows if it will work with future versions and revisions.

Don't wait until your cartridge is depleted before ordering or installing CartridgeGenius. Keep a working original cartridge at hand because it's a very useful tool when diagnosing problems. If you have a problem, my first question will be: Does the problem occur when using the original cartridge reader with an original cartridge?

Important news
The new version of catgenies disables the cartridgegenius. You must use an adapter cable on these. The serial number of your Catgenie (listed below) will help you determine if you need the adapter cable.

Do I need the cable?
Serial number is smaller than 674000 - No cable needed
Serial number between 6740000 - 6750000 - Must check (See Image below).
Serial number larger than 6750000 - Must use cable

Serial numbers only applicable on units manufactured for North America. Other localities will need to manually verify RFID type (See Image below).

If you believe you might have a new version, you can verify it by opening up the catgenie and looking at the RFID reader attached to the side of the cartridge slot. Below is an image of the reader to show which style will work.

If you are unsure about what version you have,or you don't want to open your box before ordering; Just order the cable. Using the optional cable will work on both older and newer model 120 boxes.

If you still don't get it to work after my help, I will be happy to refund your payment minus shipping, after I receive it back.

CartridgeGenius devices are $99 each, not including shipment. You can order by using the PayPal button below.

CartridgeGenius without Cable: $99 (Do I Need a cable?)

CartridgeGenius with Cable: $106.50 (Do I Need a cable?)

Adapter Cable Only: $7.50 (Do I Need a cable?)

Please note: This is still a spare time project, not a permanent product. I have a couple of device in stock, so if you want one, get one now. Like all previous batches, this may be the last batch I have built.

If you have any questions, please feel to send an email to: cartridgegenius {at} gmail (dot) com

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